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Key summary of our products


We offer wide range of circuit breakers range from residential, commercial and Industrial Circuit breakers such as SH200, S200,S800 series etc. ABB MCCBs includes FORMULA, TMAX XT and TMAX range. Air Circuit Breakers such as VD4 is also part of our offering. We partner will ABB to provide installation, testing and commission for breakers that require specific technical knowledge.



We offer wide range of load break switches included enclosed load break switches, manual/motorised changeover switches, AC/DC AF contactors, thermal overload relays, pilot devices such as push buttons, selector switch, manual motor starter such as MS116 and MS132 series, Electronic timers, plug in relays  and terminal blocks that are used in most control panels etc.



We offer the most extensive drives such as Solar pump Drives, General Purpose Drives, AC/DC drives, machinery drives. ACS150,ACS310, ACS355, ACH550, ACS550, ACS580, ACS800 and ACS880 etc. Softstarters such as PSR, PSE and PSTX range.


ABB Electrical Wiring Accessories such as Classic, Classic Exculsiv, KALO, Concept BS, Millennium and Industrial Plugs and sockets and designer consumer units MISTRAL

High end Residential and Hotel range switches such as Millennium and Concept BS are widely sought after in Singapore. Also, KALO is tailored as a mid range offering. Established 13A RCD 10mA/30mA socket (CRS213,CRSM213, CRS112, CRSM112 etc) has been used in key installations where safety is a key aspect. MISTRAL PVC DB boxes has enhanced the look of every housing and not just like a simple consumer units. Europe make Industrial plugs and socket range are used in DATA centers, oil and glass sectors etc.



Furse, Emergi-Lite, Ty-Rap, Kopex, PMA, Adaptaflex, T&B Cabletray, Elastimold etc.



Thomas & Betts (T&B) is a Member of the ABB Group. Key brands such as Furse, Emergi-Lite, Ty-Rap, Kopex, PMA, Adaptaflex, T&B Cabletray, Elastimold etc.


Air circuit breakers include Masterpact NT and NW ACB. MCCB includes Compact NSX, NS and Easypact EZC, CVS breakers.

Masterpact NT and NW incorporate the latest technology to enhance both performance and safety. Easy to install, with user-friendly, intuitive operation and environment-friendly design, Masterpact NT and NW are, quite simply, circuit breakers of their time. For Compact NSX and NS, with new measurement and analysis features, direct access to in-depth information and networking via open protocols, they lets operators optimise the management of their electrical installations. With just three sizes of circuit breakers, Schneider Electric’s EasyPactTM system is the simple, universal solution to fit all low-voltage protection needs.  The EasyPact™ CVS range of Class II, moulded-case circuit breakers from Schneider Electric™ is precision engineered to help make your installations safer and more reliable while adapting to today’s tight construction and upgrade budgets. Offering exceptional capability, quality, and value, EasyPact CVS is the easy choice for all your most common electrical distribution applications in medium-sized commercial and industrial buildings.


TeSys Contactors, motor circuit breakers, DOL motor starters, Control relays, PowerLogic, Power meters, Sepam series

The TeSys D contactor offers you quick simple setup, while maintaining a compact size of 45 and 55 mm (40 to 65 A) as well as compliance with international standards. From 40 to 65 A versions are equipped with EverLink, this new patented terminal technology, assures a permanent tightening quality even in the event of conductor creep. PowerLogic technology converts the complex dynamics governing the relationship between power generation and distribution on the utility side, and energy consumption, cost and reliability on the consumer side, into timely, easily understood information. Businesses can use this powerful to improve tactical actions and strategic decision making. Zelio Logic smart relays are designed for use in small automated systems. They are used in both the industrial and commercial sectors


Altistart 22, Altistart 48,  Altivar 212, Altivar 312

The Altistart 22 soft start - soft stop unit supports the controlled starting and stopping, via voltage and torque, of three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors for power ratings between 4 and 400 kW. It comes ready to use for standard applications with class 10 motor protection. The Altistart 22 soft start - soft stop unit has been designed to satisfy the performance requirements of applications where ruggedness, the safety of personnel and equipment, and easy commissioning are at a premium.

New Altivar Easy 310 is the optimized range conforms to international standards and meet the requirements of directives regarding the protection of the environment (RoHS, WEEE). It can withstand a 55 degree ambient air temperature around the device without derating. Its degree of protection is IP20 (IP40 on top of the product).



S-Classic, Vivace, Zencelo Switches, PIENO, ULTI, NEO C Metro switches and sockets,Argus Occupancy sensor, Kavacha, 56 Series

S-Classic, Vivace, Zencelo Switches, PIENO, ULTI, NEO C Metro switches and sockets boast a full spectrum of attractive colours, patterns, materials and finishes that will fit in various design concepts, match different decoration context, and actually enhance them. Switches with LED locaters give off a uniquely enticing soft glow that tells you exactly where each switch is located at night. The use of fluorescent white-on-white locators on switches is unobtrusive by day and shines with a comforting glow in the dark. Occupancy sensors make hands-free control of lights a reality. The 56 Series is suitable for heavy industrial environments with five different protection capabilities – Hose Proof, Dust Proof, Crash Proof, UV Resistance and Chemical Resistance.


Legrand Arteor, Mallia

Versatility makes Arteor the ideal choice for any project, anywhere in the world. Stunning finishes and desirable materials position the range at the forefront of design, with virtually limitless functionality making it the ultimate range for residential and commercial projects. Let the plateful of new Mallia colours delight your visual senses. With our enhanced selection of classic matt white, contemporary silver, lustrous pearl, supple copper, muscular bronze, mysterious dark sliver, melodic brass, sexy matt black, there is a colour for every style.


Legrand Belanko, Plexo IP 55, P17 Tempra Industrial plugs and sockets

With Belanko, switches perform exactly the way you expect them to. Beyond performance, we give you a choice between large rocker and the conventional small one. Plexo IP 55 is evolving for you. Many new functions are being added to Plexo range to satisfy all configurations, whatever your site. In addition, all control mechanisms with an indicator light or tell-tale are supplied with their bulb for insertion. Simple and practical! P17 Tempra industrial plugs and sockets incorporate numerous benefits for optimum commissioning of installations and increased user safety, ensuring continuity of services for all environments.


The RX³ and DX-E Circuit Breakers, DRX and DPX MCCBs, ACBs,  fuses, time switches, contactors

The RX³ and DX-E range Circuit-breakers, residual current protection systems, surge protectors, auto-resets, programmable or light sensitive switches. With DRX and DPX MCCBs you can ensure effective protection against electrical faults at different levels of the installation, according to your requirements and the complexity of the protect. Discover the different products available by Legrand that could be mounted on the din rail from voltage surge protectors, fuse carrier to power contractor, programmable time switches, bell transformers and light sensitive switches.


Plexo³, Atlantic, Atlantic-E and Marina weatherproof cabinets and enclosures, PG Glands, Practibox and Nedbox, Viking terminal blocks, Starfix Ferrules, Colring Equipment Cable ties

Plexo³, Atlantic, Atlantic-E and Marina weatherproof cabinets and enclosures are the solution that gives you just what you need for your sites in terms of strength, ease of use, simplicity and adaptability. Modular Cabinets (Practibox and Nedbox) exist to cover any type of installation. They share the same sober modern design and provide effortless cabling and deployability. A wide range of accessories to adapt your enclosures to the requirements of all your sites, simplify your work and save you time. Find marking systems, cable ties, and cable ducting among the different solutions for perfect identification & wiring management.


Floor box, pop-up box, CABLOFIL, Wattstopper sensors

Workstation Solutions for all your projects integrating raised access floor allow you to create well organised and functional offices and save time and money during installation or future reconfiguration. Soluflex low-level flooring, Electrak busbars for power distribution or metal trunking systems for cable management under raised floors; our solutions have been designed for reliability, ease of installation and maximum flexibility.  Pop-up Boxes, the sleek new ergonomically designed pop-up boxes provide real ease of use and rapid connection solutions for mobile application such as PCs, mobile phones, audio and video systems. Users have a choice of high and low current desk or floor-mounted connections for immediate use. CABLOFIL® steel wire cable tray has proven a sturdy contender to conventional sheet metal cable tray. The success of CABLOFIL® cable basket is largely due to its versatility, sophisticated installation and cost effective accessories, whilst staying as robust as its competitors.  Switch sensors that work on 100-240 Vac  are available in occupancy-mode and vacancy-mode lighting management strategies and use PIR, ultrasonic or dual technologies. In addition, all Legrand ceiling sensors have the daylighting setpoint feature. This keeps the lighting OFF when the natural light level rises above a preset level. This setting is adjustable and can be overridden..


LITAFLEX, Greenland Plastics UPVC Cable Trunking, uPVC Corrugated Conduit Fittings, UPVC CORRUGATED FLEXIBLE CONDUIT, uPVC Conduit Pipes, CABLE COVER PLATE

We offer a wide variety of uPVC Trunking and Conduit Pipe for the laying of electrical cables and air-conditioning piping installation and the relevant accessories from established brands such as Greenland plastics, Litaflex etc


MK Electric Slimline Plus, AVANT,The Elements Collection, Masterseal Compact, Metalclad Plus, Friedland Chimes, PRANA range

MK Electric have a comprehensive range of wiring devices.  From the iconic Logic Plus range, to the innovative astral advanced lighting control system, and echo, the batteryless, wireless self-powered switch.  MK offer products and solutions for all installations and applications.


Ega Pvc conduits pipes and fittings

Egatube high impact PVCu conduit offers a cost effective solution for both new building and refurbishment contracts. The wide range of fittings and ancillary products means that almost any installation can be specified with confidence.


SIEMENS 3VT Moulded Case

Circuit Breakers up to 1600A, 3RT, 3TB, 3TF Contactorsfor Switching Motors, SIRIUS

Siemens is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the industry, energy and healthcare sectors. Electrification, automation and digitalization are the long-term growth fields of Siemens. We offer Siemens products in line with their strategies and focus on these growing fields.


Hager MCBs, Switches, Enclosures

Hager offers a complete range of products and systems for electrical distribution in industrial and professional buildings as well as the home. These include complete solutions for professional electricians and contractors in the areas of energy distribution, cable management and office or workstation equipment, switches and home automation, as well as safety and security technology such as alarm systems, smoke detectors and motion detectors.



We offer Maxspid and Samcoms' products that are built to adhere strictly to the CP19 standard enforced by the Singapore Civil Defence Force. In addition, the products are type and batch tested with PSB PLS-listed label. The product range includes self-contained exit lamps, emergency luminaries, power packs and legends. These exit lamps uses different types of tubes (CCFL, LED, Fluorescent) and operation (maintained or non-maintained). In addition, we also distribute KDK fans ranging from ceiling, industrial, wall mount fans to exhaust fans and hand dryers.


PVC Insulated CU/AL Cables, XLPE Insulated CU/AL Cables,Flame Retardant Cables, Fire Resistant Cables,LAN Cables, Signal Cables, Coaxial Cables, Telephone Cables, cable joints

We offer a wide range of Extra Low Voltage, Low Voltage, and High Voltage Cables which has been engineered and tested for specialized cable needs – flame retardant and fire resistant, oil and chemical resistant, anti-termite, and fluctuating operating temperatures use.


A1/A2, BW, CW Cable Glands, Brass Fittings and Brass Electrical Accessories, Cable lugs, PVC coated flexible pipes, GI flexible conduits, GI boxes

We offer highest quality of brass and GI products that cater to all constructions needs.


Philips, Osram etc LED and conventional lightings. Floodlights, weatherproof lighting, downlights, High bays lighting

We offer varieties of lighting fixtures, LEDs, ballast, downlights etc.









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