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Discover Acti 9

With 21 new patents & 5 generations of experiences, Acti 9 becomes the new reference in the field of DIN rail Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs):
  • VisiSafe guarantees the downstream system is always safe with Uimp 6kV, pollution degree level 3 & Insulation voltage 500V.
  • Class 2 front face guarantees risk-free handling during the life of the installation.
  • Fast closing mechanism limits wear, helping to prevent premature equipment aging.
  • VisiTrip indicates only the faulty outgoer for a fast diagnosis to minimize downtime.
  • Super Immunization Si of the Residual Current Devices (RCDs) guarantees the highest continuity of service.
  • 100% coordination between RCDs & Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) means no more searching through technical coordination tables.
  • Without adds-on interfaces, Reflex iC60, the all in one concept integrated control Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) communicates with PLC & EMCS (Energy Monitoring & Control System). No adds-on interfaces required.
See the Acti9 Protection and Acti9 Control catalogues for information.  





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