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MK Electric, the UK’s leading manufacturer of wiring devices and accessories, has introduced a comprehensive range of innovative lighting controls – MK Sensors – designed to deliver energy savings and lighting usage management in a wide range of commercial applications. 

The MK Sensor range deploys three main types of sensor technology – namely PIR, Microwave and Ultrasonic – in a variety of devices configured for ceiling or corner mounting; as well as long range detection. All products in the MK Sensors range have a built-in photocell, providing occupancy and light level detection. The range is also complemented by a host of accessories and ancillaries – such as programmers and controllers – which combine to make the collection easy to install, easy to understand and easy to use. Please refer to some of the products below for reference.

MK Sensors Ceiling Mounted

Standard PIRs

The MK Sensor Standard PIRs provide simple, cost-effective presence detection for lighting control in small areas.

  • Presence detection by passive infrared effectively enhanced to improve sensitivity to small movements

  • Passive photocell holds lights off in bright ambient conditions
  • Off delay of 20 minutes following the last observed movement after which the lights switch off
  • Flush or surface mounted variants available
  • Quick fixing clamp (flush mounted) adjusts to ceiling tile thickness





Cone shaped detection pattern. Optimum mounting height of 2.4m, gives a detection diameter of 6m

Quick fixing clamp (flush mounted) adjusts to the ceiling tile thickness


Superior PIRs

The MK Superior PIR Sensors offer high-performance, programmable presence detection for lighting control in offices and open-plan workstations.

  • High-performance programmable presence detectors

  • Two versions are available:

    For fixed-output ballasts
    With passive photocell and
    dual-circuit options (used for applications where just the perimeter lights require photocell switching)

    For dimming ballasts (analogue or digital)
    Incoporates light level setting for maintained illuminance and pre-set levels for scene setting

  • Programmable Off delay between 5 and 35 minutes following the last observed movement after which the lights switch off

  • Remote Programming tools allow commissioning and re-commissioning of Sensors to be carried out with virtually no disturbance to the building’s occupants





Cone shaped detection pattern. Optimum mounting height of 2.4m,
gives a detection diameter of 6m

Independent time delays can be
programmed by use of an Infrared
Programming Tool (K4053 or K4050)

Hand-held Controllers give temporary
on or off override, light level adjustment and scene setting to the building’s occupant (K4051 & K4052)

MK Sensors Corner Mounted

Microwave Sensors

MK Microwave Sensors are high performance, directional presence detectors with built-in photocell for use in almost any internal space. Ideal for larger classrooms, conference rooms, longer storage aisles and other applications up to 20m x 20m, the unit is self-contained offering simple installation. It utilises microwave technology and features a movement detector, photocell and 10 Amp (load switching) element.

  • Two independent sensitivity controls make the Ultrasonic Sensors supremely flexible in use

  • ON Range is the normal range control, which may be adjusted according to the needs of the space being monitored

  • OFF Range sets the detector range once lights have been switched off and may, in some cases require a low setting

  • OFF Range offers a low setting which may be used in some applications, for example a library or storage aisle. A higher range may be required when the aisle is occupied, but a much lower range when the area becomes unoccupied. Traffic passing across the end of an aisle will not activate the lights

  • OFF Delay sets the time delay (after last detected movement) before lights are switched off and is adjustable up to 20 minutes

  • The Photocell observes the controlled space, not just ambient daylight, and takes account of all light contributions - even from adjacent zones


Vertical Installation

Use this method of mounting for racking aisle applications and where adjustment in the vertical plane will give improved control over the precise point of entry detection

Horizontal Installation

For general applications where ceiling mounting is not convenient and wide angle coverage in the horizontal plane is desirable

MK Sensors Long Range

Long Range Detector

MK Long Range Detectors are a high performance presence detection system providing effective energy-saving control to large areas such as warehouses, sports halls and stadia, workshops, hangars, conference centres etc.

  • Long Range Detectors consist of a control unit and low voltage microwave detectors, which may be combined to form one self-contained unit

  • All or part of the load may be in semi-automatic operation, whereby a switch is provided to switch On. The load is automatically reset Off once the area is vacated

  • Semi-automatic operation can be employed where activation from adjacent spaces may occur or where existing light levels are adequate for visiting access

  • The remote photocells can be configured to control all, or part of, the controlled load

  • Detectors are located in a unique spherical housing which incorporates an antenna and offers a wide polar response

  • The unit is robust and secure against accidental damage in open areas such as sports halls and warehouses

  • Flush or surface mounted, 30m and 60m variants available


Polar response

Orientation to give optimum width or depth of coverage. Note: the Long Range Detectors can ‘see’ behind themselves in open ended aisles they should be inset


The Detector can see through glass and should be pointed away from thin partitions and windows




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