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New Furse Earth Rod Seals
Specification of New Furse Earth Rod Seals

  1. Inspection Pit
    Furse Earth Rod Seals are designed for use with the Furse high performance Lightweight Inspection Pit,
    PT205 (supplied separately) which provides a numbered of benefits, including:

    • The pit provides adequate space for the termination of conductors to the rod, and has the facility for locating an earth bar should multiple connections be necessary.

    • The lid has a safe working load of 5000Kg and is capable of withstanding slow moving vehicular traffic.

    • It fits quickly and neatly onto the seal assembly, thus avoiding the need for shuttering.


  2. Sealing Kit
    The sealing arrangement, consisting of nylon compression rings and neoprene 'O' rings, has been pressure tested to 80psi.

    The standard seals, as supplied, will accommodate 5/8" diameter copperbond earth rods. However, 1/2" and 3/4" diameters can also be accommodated by using different compression and 'O' ring kits.

  3. Main Flange and Housing
    This consists of a single piece moulding, accommodating the sealing kit and protective tube for the earth rod electrode.

  4. Protective Tube
    Made from non-degradable high impact pvc and supplied in 300mm (ES210) or 1200mm (ES220) lengths. Can be cut to size as required, to suit the application.

  5. Secondary Flange and Housing (ES220 only)
    An additional single piece flange and housing unit is included with ES220, for used in deep slabs, ie load bearing floors.


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