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ESP K10T1 and ESP K10T2    We rely on telephone equipment for all forms of business communication-telephone conversions, document transmission by fax, computer communication by modem.

    Yet it only takes a single lighting strike, anything up to a kilometre away, to devastate telecoms equipment.





    Incoming copper telephone lines and lines which travel between buildings act like 'aerials' capturing lightning energy and channelling it into the sensitive electronic circuitry of PBX and ISDN equipment. Exposing it to:
-disruption and data loss
-component damage and degradation
-costly and unnecessary downtime.

    Paralysing all forms of communication-no phone calls, no faxes, no email.

    The new Furse ESP K10T1 and ESP K10T2 provide cost effective protection for telecoms equipment utilising LSA-PLUS connection strips.

    Each unit will provide protection for all ten lines on a standard ten line LSA-PLUS connection strips. (Individual lines can be protected by ESP KT1 or ESP KT2.)

    Use Furse ESP K10T1 for standard analogue PSTN and U interface ISDN telephone lines and use Furse ESP K10T2 for S/T interface ISDN lines.

Furse ESP K10T1 & ESP K10T2

  • Low ' let-through' voltage
  • Protection in all modes
  • Easy installation
  • Low cost protection
  • Oftel approval

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