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SPD Main Features

Type of Protector Main Features

-high energy capacity to handle direct lightning strike 
-electronically pre-triggered spark gap .low protection level (Up = 1.8 kV) .no need for decoupling coil (combined 1+11 arrester) 
-high follow current extinction capacity
 -safety open concept: no expelling of molten or burning material, therefore no need for a separate enclosure 
-compact design (down to 17.5 mm per pole) -single and multi pole versions

-high energy capacity (up to 100 kA 8/20)
-single and multi-pole versions
-adapted to all types of networks (IT, TT, TNC, TNS, TNC-S)
-adapted to all network voltages (57 to 600 V)
-single block and pluggable versions
-local status indicator on front side
-possible remote indicator (integrated in the product or with optical monitoring kit) 
-possibility of Safety reserve
-low protection level (Up = 1 .2 kV)
-local status indicator on front side
-possible remote indicator with optical monitoring kit
-adapted to all types of 230/400 V networks -multi-pole versions
-compact design (17.5 mm width)
-local status indicator on front side
-possible remote indicator with optical monitoring kit

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