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Attraction in simplicity

A newly launch white colour simple and affordable range switches.


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White KALO PVC Switches and SSO 
BH101 1G 1W switch 10AX
BH105 1G 2W switch 10AX
BH102 2G 1W switch 10AX
BH106 2G 2W switch 10AX
BH103 3G 1W switch 10AX
BH107 3G 2W switch 10AX
BH104 4G 1W switch 10AX
BH108 4G 2W switch 10AX
BH119 1G Intermediate switch 10AX
BH430 1G 1W push switch 10A
BH429 1G 1W push switch with Bell symbol 10AX
BH412 1G Rotary Dimmer - 600W
BH321 1G RJ11 telephone outlet
BH331 1G RJ45 Cat. 5e outlet
BH333 1G RJ45 Cat. 6 outlet
BH504 1G Blank plate
BH314 TV/FM outlet
BH294 1G Universal SSO,13A
BH307 1G TV outlet (F connector type)
BH401 Shaver outlet
BH111 1G 1W DP switch with neon 20AX
BH118 Cooker control unit 45A / 13A
BH120 Connection unit with flex outlet 20A
BH171WH 1G 1W DP switch with neon marked "Water heater" 20AX
BH176 1G 1W DP switch 32A
BH177 1G 1W DP switch 45A
BH209 1G SSO 15A
BH224 1G SSO 13A
BH227 2G SSO 13A
BH229 1G SSO with neon 13A
BH230 2G SSO with neon 13A
BH505 2G Blank plate
BH506 Fused connection unit with flex outlet,13A
BH507 Switched fused connection unit with neon and flex outlet,13A
BH332 2 gang computer SO,RJ45,cat.5e,8-pole
BH329 2 gang computer SO,RJ45,cat.6,8-pole





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