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Industrial Plugs and Sockets

Industrial Plug and Sockets

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Old Material Old Material Description Replaced by new Material New Material Description
2CMA193535R1000 216P1 2CMA101943R1000 216EP1
2CMA193500R1000 216P4 2CMA101946R1000 216EP4
2CMA193501R1000 216P6 2CMA101947R1000 216EP6
2CMA193502R1000 216P9 2CMA101948R1000 216EP9
2CMA193503R1000 216P12 2CMA101950R1000 216EP12
2CMA193504R1000 316P4 2CMA101954R1000 316EP4
2CMA193505R1000 316P5 2CMA101955R1000 316EP5
2CMA193506R1000 316P6 2CMA101956R1000 316EP6
2CMA193507R1000 316P7 2CMA101957R1000 316EP7
2CMA193508R1000 316P9 2CMA101958R1000 316EP9
2CMA193509R1000 316P11 2CMA101960R1000 316EP11
2CMA193510R1000 416P1 2CMA101962R1000 416EP1
2CMA193536R1000 416P3 2CMA101964R1000 416EP3
2CMA193511R1000 416P6 2CMA101967R1000 416EP6
2CMA193512R1000 232P4 2CMA101974R1000 232EP4
2CMA193513R1000 232P6 2CMA101975R1000 232EP6
2CMA193537R1000 332P3 2CMA101981R1000 332EP3
2CMA193514R1000 332P5 2CMA101983R1000 332EP5
2CMA193515R1000 332P6 2CMA101984R1000 332EP6
2CMA193516R1000 332P7 2CMA101985R1000 332EP7
2CMA193517R1000 332P9 2CMA101986R1000 332EP9
2CMA193518R1000 332P11 2CMA101988R1000 332EP11
2CMA193519R1000 432P6 2CMA101995R1000 432EP6
2CMA193520R1000 216C4 2CMA102002R1000 216EC4
2CMA193521R1000 216C6 2CMA102003R1000 216EC6
2CMA193522R1000 316C4 2CMA102010R1000 316EC4
2CMA193523R1000 316C6 2CMA102012R1000 316EC6
2CMA193524R1000 316C7 2CMA102013R1000 316EC7
2CMA193525R1000 316C9 2CMA102014R1000 316EC9
2CMA193526R1000 416C6 2CMA102023R1000 416EC6
2CMA193527R1000 232C4 2CMA102030R1000 232EC4
2CMA193528R1000 232C6 2CMA102031R1000 232EC6
2CMA193538R1000 332C3 2CMA102037R1000 332EC3
2CMA193533R1000 332C5 2CMA102039R1000 332EC5
2CMA193529R1000 332C6 2CMA102040R1000 332EC6
2CMA193534R1000 332C7 2CMA102041R1000 332EC7
2CMA193530R1000 332C9 2CMA102042R1000 332EC9
2CMA193531R1000 432C6 2CMA102051R1000 432EC6
2CMA193532R1000 432C7 2CMA102052R1000 432EC7
IP67 New Easy & Safe      
N.A. N.A. 2CMA101072R1000 216EP6W
N.A. N.A. 2CMA101089R1000 416EP6W
N.A. N.A. 2CMA101119R1000 216EC6W
N.A. N.A. 2CMA101136R1000 416EC6W
N.A. N.A. 2CMA101213R1000 216ERS6W
N.A. N.A. 2CMA101230R1000 416ERS6W
N.A. N.A. 2CMA101095R1000 232EP6W
N.A. N.A. 2CMA101112R1000 432EP6W
N.A. N.A. 2CMA101142R1000 232EC6W
N.A. N.A. 2CMA101159R1000 432EC6W
N.A. N.A. 2CMA101236R1000 232ERS6W
N.A. N.A. 2CMA101253R1000 432ERS6W





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